“kitchen assistant”

There are a few must-have kitchen items in “meal planning 101.” Of course, quality cookware is imperative. So are salt, pepper, and all of their spice, seasoning, sauce, and condiment buddies (I’ll be sure to post on flavor profiles in the future). But, I’d have to say my best kitchen assistant (besides my four-year-old who’s always anxious to “help”) is roasted garlic oil. It is just such a superstar and makes everything sooo delicious. Now, there are A LOT of cooking oils to choose from…vegetable, coconut, sunflower, grape seed, peanut, sesame, and many more…and some may be healthier for you than others, but I can’t live without my garlic oil. You can sauté, bake, or roast with it – or use as a salad dressing or bread dip – it will all be equally delicious. You can find garlic or roasted garlic oil pretty inexpensively almost anywhere, but here is a great recipe for when you have a moment to spare. That moment will invigorate your Weekly Spread…guaranteed. Enjoy!

homemade roasted garlic oil



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