“dinner revolution”


Life in our household is pretty crazy. Maybe you can relate? I’m a mom of two under 5, wife, daughter, sister, friend, doctor-appointment-scheduler, bill-payer, chore queen, play-date-organizer, referee, therapist (and the list continues)…oh yeah, and I have a full time job. Thank goodness for venting sessions, retail therapy, good food, and of course, red wine.

Believe it or not, I also LOVE relieving stress at the grocery store. Alone, of course. Add begging kids to the mix and it is no longer a therapeutic outing! There is just something about roaming the aisles, picking out food, and planning meals that does it for me. I guess my mind is able to wander from the daily routine and I can have some fun searching for ingredients for all the hundreds of Pinterest recipes I’ve pinned over the years!

Going hog-wild at the grocery story can be a dangerous thing though – especially if you’re on a budget. Shopping without a plan can have you frequenting the store way too many times during the week, eating all the wrong things (sadly, sour cream and onion chips and s’mores don’t constitute a proper meal for kiddos)…OR eating out because you’re too tired to go back to the store for ingredients or don’t know what to make with the random things you purchased. Sound familiar? Then it’s time for a dinner revolution…meal planning!

Join me on “The Weekly Spread” for the skinny on what’s for dinner each week. I’ll share tips, deals, shopping lists, meal ideas, and recipe variations to keep things interesting. Meals will be simple, affordable, creative, and nutritious (most of the time!). Disclaimer: I am not a chef, a nutritionist, nor an expert…just a busy mom who needs to get dinner on the table most nights of the week WITHOUT things getting complicated!




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