“top 21 @ Trader Joe’s”

Why “21,” you ask? Simple. Because when it comes to Trader Joe’s, I’m like a kid in a candy store…I want EVERYTHING. I could never choose my favorite 5…10…or even 15 items, so I went with 21. (Besides, you’ll see this post again…there are sooo many more TJ items to share!)

TJ is like my fun, best friend. I’m married to the market, loyal to the market, and the majority of my groceries come from there each week. But every now and again when I really want to whoop it up (and get into some trouble), I visit TJ. I’m never disappointed with what I buy, and snacks and meals are that much better that week.

Who’s with me? Anyone else enjoy TJ as much as I do? Share some of your favs!

Like The Most Interesting Man in the World…I don’t always go to Trader Joe’s, but when I do, I prefer the items below. Stay hungry, my friends.

avocado's number guacamole

two guacamole packs in one = twice the dipping deliciousness

roasted seaweed snack

perfect salty snack, healthy, and very affordable

parmesan pastry pups

pigs in a blanket on a whole ‘nother level

fig butter

perfect paired with sweet or savory…delicious with brie (or goat milk brie, another TJ fav)

simply almonds, cashews & chocolate trek mix

a must-have for a midday energy boost or snack for the kiddos

white cheddar popcorn

TJ should sell willpower with each bag…nearly impossible to not eat the whole bag in one sitting

silver dollar pancakes

perfect for lil fingers and tummies

porcini mushroom & truffle triangoli

easy quick night dinner with olive oil and fresh herbs

whole wheat pizza dough

amazing and cheap…pile high with toppings and you’ll have no regrets


whether arugula, sorrento salad mix, Persian cucumbers, San Marzano plum tomatoes, or fresh fruit…no trip to TJ is complete without produce

rice pudding

sweet and yum

crumbled goat cheese

probably my most purchased TJ item…sprinkle on everything

thai yellow curry sauce

this + protein and veggies of choice + rice = fast, delicious dinner

vegan chocolate chip cookies

must resist, heavenly

pork gyoza potstickers

great side item to any Asian meal

mango ginger chutney

my four-year-old’s favorite TJ item…scrumptious with the samosas

dark chocolate covered mini pretzels

stick ’em in the freezer when you get home, YUMMM

basmati rice

a Weekly Spread MUST-HAVE

vegetable samosas

perfect savory accompaniment to any meal

party size mini meatballs

on pizza, subs, pasta or solo…these are so delicious (mmm, smother in TJ sweet chili sauce and cranberry sauce)

fig cereal bars

morning staple in our house…other flavors are great (mmm, pumpkin) but fig is our fav




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